Welcome to Hawar International School

Hawar International School (HIS) was established in 2001 by a group of dedicated people with the aim to provide an international environment, providing an awareness and understanding of their own culture and values and those of others.

The institution provides educational levels from Nursery through to High School Level. HIS runs a balanced educational program in both Arabic and English Language subjects. HIS is recognized for the Special Education Department for the unique services of merging students with special needs along the mainstream. These services are provided by specialists in different areas of special needs of learning difficulties.

HIS curriculum offers students the opportunity to study in both languages, i.e. Arabic and English. Besides the languages, the students study the following subjects: Math; Arabic, Science, Arabic Social Studies, English Social Studies, Islamic Studies, Art, Computer Studies, French and Physical Education. Two other foreign languages, Chinese and French, are taught along with other subjects. To help Special Students cope with the outside world, Grade 13 has been started to offer skills like Graphic designing and Home Economics. The school also provides them an opportunity to practice their skills in the school and under the supervision of the Special Education Department.

The staff members are dynamic, hardworking and dedicated group of international teachers. They equally consist of Bahrainis and teachers from various countries. The majority students at the school are from Bahrain and 10% are from other countries. The teachers at Hawar are at all times striving to develop themselves intellectually and spiritually. In doing so, they encourage all students to achieve their highest potential in all aspects of life.

Monitoring of assessment is an important part of the curriculum. It is the link to all parts of the students learning program and aims to validate all school grades. It also forms part of the evaluation program for the students; entire school year.

Student assessment is divided into two parts: The first is Formative Assessment that measures the student's individual progress. Secondly, the Summative assessment that gives the overall idea of the student's achievement through tests and exam.

Personal and Social Development allow students to be able to grow with positive attitudes and be active participants within the school community. The Activities and Field Trips thus form a vital part of the students' educational life. Students are also given the opportunity to participate in the organization of school activities. This gives the students a chance to learn the life of decision makers. Scouting helps them to extend their skills in leadership qualities and appreciate global citizenship. To help expand the students' horizon to better and prepare them for the future, annually, the school organises at least 3 trips outside the country.

A Physical Educational environment is very important in the teaching of certain subjects. It creates an atmosphere that enhances and promotes the environment of teaching these subjects. Therefore, HIS has dedicates itself to expose the students to such environments. The following facilities are available: Physical Education Areas, Play Area, Computer Labs, Science Labs, Libraries, Clinic, Early intervention and Speech Specialists. Specially designed classrooms are effective in one to one teaching of the students.

HIS aims to provide students with a well-balanced, structured educational daily routine. Each subject is incorporated into this timetable as instructed by the Ministry of Education of Bahrain. The timetable creates an opportunity for all students to learn through academic as well as practice interaction during lessons. HIS provides a stimulating routine that combines a variety of learning activities.

HIS aims to achieve the following for all students:
Develop inquiring minds
Develop respectable and caring students
Develop honest and compassionate students
Develop active and independent students
Develop students intellectually and culturally
Develop the student as a whole

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